Roger Paladino

Notes on: “THE HABIT”

July 25th 2004- I’ve found it. 5 years of work and I fucking found it.  A survivor of one of this thing’s attacks.  The cops chalked it up to her husband being on PCP, they always do, but I know better, and so did Monica.  Monica Shwarts is the victim, says she heard him say something about a warehouse on a back road near 54th and Holloway while he was hurting her.  Says she never told the cops, she had just remembered that detail the day we spoke, just came to her she said.  So I check it out and bingo, the place has all the evidence I need: countless newspaper clippings of murders and terrorist attacks that date back even farther than I thought, not to mention the fucking Nazi propaganda for fucks sake.  There were also a good amount of human remains, might still use it as it’s killing quarters, all the better to catch it in the act.  I just have to be careful, this fucker is nasty.

July 28th 2004- I thought I might as well have my notes in one place get my shit together and make sure that I’m as prepared as I can be. So here’s the list.

-          I assume it can possess one or multiple persons.

-          Has little to no regard for the people that it inhabits. ( in some cases mutilating its host for intimidation or just some kind of sick pleasure)

-          It has the ability to push the human body to its farthest limitations (speed, strength etc.)

-          It will find a new shell if its current shell is fatally wounded. (Traumatic head wounds, spinal cord damage etc.)

-          No way to forcibly remove the Habit from its shell

So that’s all I know about it so far.  No doubt this is a dangerous one but I’ve dealt with nasty beings before.  I’m bringing my nine millimeter berretta and some extra ammo, and a little surprise just in case I get into trouble.

July 30th 2004 [Final Entry] - I underestimated this thing.  It was a fucking set-up from the beginning.  I’ll spare the details but let’s just say I ended up in a bear trap lookin at the business end of a fucking fire axe.  But even then I thought to myself “It’s ok I still have my ace in the hole.”  I had my buddy from the PD, Ed Charleston, bring in a swat team after I told him what I found, thought he was going after a terrorist, and they arrived just in time.

  I laid on the ground and that thing just looked at me and said, “Was it worth it, Roger?”  And when light filled the windows behind it and they all blew out, I just smiled and said “Yup.”  Problem was it didn’t get scared; it just smiled back and turned toward the light.  I think that’s when the music started, I forget the guy who sings it but that song Superbeast just started playing from the speakers in the warehouse, fucking weird.

 Anyway, this is what happened: it was so fast but I remember smoke filling the room as they came in, and I remember them yelling, demanding the weapons be put down.  Then the inevitable, I heard some of the men chuckling to themselves real nervously.  The Habit just started walking toward them, that’s when the shooting started.

I got the bear trap open just as bullets started flying, they hit everywhere but I stayed low, made for the door.  Bullets don’t scare me, I’ve been shot at before, but what did scare me was the distinct sound of a fire axe slamming through helmets and the screams of confused men who were probably wondering why their teammates were shooting them.  Poor fucks never had a chance.

I made my way outside and was taken to Ed; I was just about to tell him what he was up against when the front doors flew open.  It walked out with about 3 officers escorting it.  The Habit was pretending to be under arrest hands behind its back and that grin on its face.  Ed wouldn’t listen, no one would, it didn’t take long for this thing to have everyone in the whole goddamn place killing each other.  Some of them were just laughing like the swat team, others were begging to be stopped, and some were just tearing out their own eyes and throats.  The music was so loud it almost muffled the screams, almost.  I puked, and when I looked up the chopper was falling from the sky, but I saw something in the explosion.  I saw it just for a second, but it looked like a person, easily twelve feet tall and thin, with arms as long as its body.  I swear I saw it again wile typing this but it doesn’t matter.  The Habit knocked me out and I woke up here, and here I’ll die.

So that’s basically what happened to me, I made sure that I left in “the cool parts” like it asked, not like I had a fucking choice.  Funny thing is I really thought that this one was gonna put me on the map, oh well I always knew I was gonna die on one of these jobs but before I go I should mention to anyone else who might read this.  The Habit is trying to make something, some kind of perfect shell to live in.  The shell I saw it in died shortly after the fight but survived much more abuse than it should have.  Just know, that if wounding its head or heart past a normal human beings limits doesn’t kill it, you should run the fuck away.  Well it’s here now; guess this is it, whoever you are, good luck, and good bye.

-Roger Paladino


My name is Nicholas, I’m 20 years old and I live alone with my dog Chowder.  Everyday I think about killing myself, I’ve tried 8 times in the last 3 days.  But now my will is gone.  The faceless man won’t let me, and The Habit just laughs when I try.  They walk around my house like it’s theirs.  The Habit leaves often to do god knows what, but the faceless man, he’s…. he’s always here.  Sometimes I can’t see him, but I do see the wooden furniture rotting and I see the trees outside my house dying.  I only catch glimpses of him sometimes, but he’s always watching me.

            My parents are gone, so is my little sister, I can still smell their blood.  The Habit made sure I watched my parents bleed, but my sister, Anna is just, gone.  All I got left is Chowder.  He’s kinda chubby but he’s awesome, always at my feet.  I don’t know if that’s to comfort me or to hide from these things.

            I found out today that my mother was raped in order to create me.  I think I should be upset, but the faceless man calms me.  I feel nothing but the deep emptiness because of him.  Hollow and thoughts a bit scattered.  The Habit tells me “Nick ol’ buddy, I’m gonna make you a fuckin animal.  Something for your mother to be proud of.”   He raped my mother.  And he smiles at me.

            Today The Habit killed Chowder.  Chowder ran but I caught him.  He’s too fat.  He stuck his fingers in Chowders eyes and Chowder cried.  The Habit pulled off his head like it was nothing, like his neck was made of tissue paper.  I knew it was The Habit, but Chowder knew it was me, and he didn’t understand.  Despite the faceless man and the calm emptiness, I cried.

            The Habit says to me, “That a boy Nicky, you’ll be ready in no time”

            I ask, “Ready for what?”

            He says, “Ready to fight something”

            I ask, “What am I going to fight?”

He says, “Someone you used to know Nick, I want to see how well he’s doing.  Ya see he’s an experiment Nicky, like you.”

I am sorry whoever I am supposed to fight, but I’m strong as shit and big as a motherfucker.  The Habit will make me kill you, I don’t want to, but I will.  I tried to kill myself again 3 hours ago.  He just laughed.  The faceless man just watched.


Seven days.  I’ve been living in Hell for seven fucking days.  These things.  These fucking monsters.  I don’t know what else to call them.  God, he wont let me stop typing.  “Tell them everything Johnny boy” he keeps saying.  I can’t tell you, whoever you are.  It hurts too much.  So he can go the fuck to Hell where he belongs I aint telling you shit.


 He cut off my right leg.  “Disobedience has its consequences Johnny boy”, that fuck.  He’s taken everything from me.  I’m so numb on the inside.  So dead.  But he can still hurt me.  And it hurts so much.  He says I have to tell you what happened seven days ago.

God we were all just having dinner.  My son, Aiden, my little boy.  I can’t do this..

He took my tongue and my left leg.  I feel like I am nothing.  But I still hurt.  Now he’s watching me type this.  He’s still smiling.  My son Aiden had been telling us of a man who had been watching him.  A tall man.  Without a face.  I still cant believe he’s real.  But he is.  He’s the reason I can still type, and the reason I don’t pass out from the pain.  Somehow he keeps me awake.  His stare is almost soothing, like morphine.  He must be a demon.  Aiden had been seeing him almost everyday.  And then we saw him. The day the Habit broke down our door.  He grabbed Julie, my wife.  I can still hear her crying in my head.  I ran to help her but the Habit just kicked me across the room. IT WAS AWESOME HE FLEW LIKE TEN FEET, WENT THROUGH THE KITCHEN WALL HAHA.  That was the Habit. I tried to get up but I saw the tall man, and I couldn’t stand.  He was wearing a suit of all things.  He just walked away. And Aiden went with him.  I screamed for him.  He didn’t even turn around.  He just took my little Aiden.  The Habit took us to the basement.  He hurt Julie constantly; He didn’t even so much as scratch me. Just kept making me watch him and Julie.  THE BITCH LOVED IT.  Fuck this.

He cut off my genitals. Wont let me stop typing.  When he was hurting Julie, I pleaded for him to stop.  Then I pleaded for him to kill her.  He just turned up our cd player.  The same song, 19-2000.  On the 5th day she died.  Not even the tall man could keep her alive any longer.  They say Im done. Whoever he wants me to write this to,  I hope to God you don’t end up like us.


Deer diary today was crazy! me momy and dady wer all wachin tv. And momy sayd that the tall man in the sute was outside again. I like it when he is here. So dady calld the cops.  Dady sayd that a lot of kids are gone and the tall man took them. I like him. A lot of poleece man wer outside and sum wer talking to dady and then ther was a lot of yeling outside and loud bangs! One poleece man fell thru the window! He was all red I thingk frum blood and his belly was open. But he was just sleeping. The poleece man neer dady was usin his gun out the window that his frend fell thru! It was reely loud! And then a big nife flew into the poleece mans hed. It looked like the one that a man usd at petes bucher stor that me and dady go to.  Dady was shaking momy but she just waching. Another poleece man ran outside and I saw him get his hed cut off! But he was just sleeping. Wen he fell down I saw the man who was makin the polleec mad. He is not the man in the sute. He is a scary smiling man.  Dady piked me up ran upstares. I herd momy scream. But it is ok shes just sleeping.  Dady put me in the closet and wisperd don’t move but the smiling man was behind him. Sumthing got push thru dadys body. It was shiny and lookd like one momys nifes but reely big. Then he grabbed dadys  hed and twistd it. Ther was a loud snap and dady fell asleep. The smiling man was all red and blood came out of a bunch of holes all over him. Thos poleece wer meen to him. He sayd that we ar going to see the tall man and sayd that I can rite everything that hapend today in my diary. We are getnig close to the park now and I see the man. I feel very good diary. I am happy wen I see the man in the sute.



Hey guys this is Evan speaking on behalf of Steph.  Just wanted to let you guys know that she’s not going to be posting on this site anymore.  So if there are any relative questions youd like to ask her then just send them to the EMH email account or something.  Now, she didnt want me to say anything but I think you guys should stop coming on this site all together. You wont hear from any of us on here anymore, it belongs to that psycho now and fuck knows what he’s gonna put up.  Thanks you guys, for all your support.




I just thought this song was perfect.

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